all good things

Swe6well, they say that all good things must come to end, but i don’t believe it. However, we are leaving our home in Copenhagen, Teglholmen, tomorrow morning. Today was beautiful, the sun was shining on the melting snow and everything looked bright and clean. We shovled a lot of snow to clear the road from the warehouse to the front gate but at least we can get out to the road.

Last week we spent some really good time in Sweeden. It probably deserves a blog entry of its own, but here are some highlihgts. Snow – loads and loads and loads of it. Water – Stockholm is on 14 different islands so you cross bridges and suddenly its a different area. Couch Surfing – stayed with some cool people and partyed all weekend with Linda and David.

cop22Getting back to now……The van is ready to go. Checked the oil and things and realised i was lucky to do so as most things were at their minimum levels. Never realised just how much servicing our van needs, but i’m learning a lot. I have learnt loads of things during our stay here, from welding and angle grinding, to non violent communication and living with a large group of people.

The floating city is coming along well. the hanger is now full of hugh stretlight poles and giant fiberglass tanks. The people here are skilling themselves up and getting ready for the big push to get things done. There are some people here at the moment who are building a ‘skate ramp, bar, tower, climbing frame’ all in one structure, which is huge, so the building vibe is in the air.

So, next up is a bit of tourist action in denmark as we make our way down to see Catherine in berlin. I’m looking forward to seeing her and also seeing berlin. lots of people i know say that its kick ass, but it must be said that a small proportion have caled it rubbish – calling it the hackney of germany – ouch. So, if anyone has any ‘must do while in berlin’ ideas, then let us know.

anyway, gotta go. catch you later.