Ireland was real nice. We had passed the mot, sorted out all we needed to with regards paperwork, but the van needed a service, and Grainnes uncle Charlie was our new best friend. We went out to his place in strokestown and i spent 4 days in the pit. ’twas great. got to grease nipples, play with spanners and wallow in oil and dirt. i loved it. I also got to spend some time on a proper farm (he is really a farmer) with cows and stuff.He normally works on traktors which is why he knew exactly how to service our van – i’m not sure what that really says abot the van, but i take it as a good thing.


I work in computers enough to know that i don’t want them running my van, i’d rather it was me. After all that hard work, we went to see a friend of ours who lives in Lahinch, Co Clare. For those of you who don’t know, Clare is a county on the west of ireland, facing the atlantic. As a result, it is most excellent for surfing, and Rob gave Grainne her first lessons in surfing. It was great, and i got to get my first bit of sunburn of the year. I’m sure more will follow, but it was beautiful and we felt like we were getting a taste of the holiday to come – sitting on a beach and enjoying a beer. Nice. Jealous? you should be.

We had some other family business to do when back in Dublin. One of Gs oldest friends, Cliodhna, got married to Lyndon and we had a great time singing along in the church and gettin’ pissed in the hotel. I had to wear a suit, but Grainne looked great and i got to take it off, so it was real good.


We also had to do some Farrelly business. My sister had another kid and we were able to get along to the christening and enjoy that too. Actually, as we spent a month there i was able to hook up with and spend time with family members (and their families). Its funny how when you visit for a week you never get to have proper conversations that cover more than just the basics. In saying that, i’m sure i speak for both of us when i say that we are tired of explaining that we live in a van (yes, a van), and that we don’t really know were we are going (really?). Once we get beyond that, it’s all good. All of my clan were together for the first time in a long time, as neil had just come home from brazil, so that was ace.


Me, neil and Cathy got to hang out which was nice, and all in all i’m glad we stayed as long as we did. It was my longest time in Dublin in nearly 10 years. So, after all that adventuring we’re now on our way to France. So, stay tuned and we promise to be more regular in the future. speak soon dudes.