camp action climat

hey there peoples,

so, internet access in france is a bit like hens teeth; very hard to find.

we spent a bit of time trying to get sort out a pay as you go type of affair for web access but have found that in france it isn’t very accessable. so, now that we are at the french climate camp i’m lapping up the access!!!

The camp is in Le Havre and were we are camped has a view of a vast industrial area of refineries and port facilities. When you look down the hill you can allways see tankers and container ships of all different nationalities moving in the water and it reminds me of just how much energy we spend moving junk around.

We are here in our van and have become power providers for some kitchens….and the onsite bakery. You heard me, and onsite bakery. Its fantastic to get up to the smell of fresh bread right outside your window. On a culinary note, the food here has been very good and i’ve enjoyed moving between the kitchens for different meals.

the camp is full of workshops and activities, and they’ve got a really good tat pile from which to make ‘stuff and things’. the other day myself and ben built showers, and people are making bike generators and screen printers and kites and all sorts of other crazy stuff all around.

well, i’m off to prepare for some workshops so i’ll get back later with some pictures and actual news…

take care