still snowing!?!?


i awoke this morning at 8am for a morning pit stop, and boy oh boy was it dull. There was hardly any light and it was bucketing down with snow. Needless to say, i went promptly back to bed after that! It amazes me just how little light they get around here…which may also explain why all the graffiti is so garish.

Things are still moving along here at a suitably slow pace, but the creative juices are still flowing. Last night one guy was son interested in the publication called ‘Turbulence‘ that he made a really nice pair of shoes from it. turbulence

yesterday i also got to do some angle grinding and some welding. The grinding is crazy and the spinning plate has a mind of its own; you expect the thing to drag you of along the floor to where it wants to go. And the welding was also a bit mad; precision is the name of the game – a bit like airfix.

Anyway, here is a picture of part of the floating city (that doesn’t actually float), and some of the rig that is still here…and some others…


why would you get up

floating city with rig